Mortgage Loans

Our team of highly experienced originators stands ready to serve your needs when it comes to the purchase or refinance of your residential properties. We can offer many different mortgages that are custom tailored to your exact needs and desires; desires; whether you need a fixed or adjustable rate or a long or short term. We also offer many different adjustable programs that offer a lower starting rate or can be fixed for a specific term and then adjust at a preset date in the future.

We make first time Homebuyers feel right at home! We have several options from which to choose that will make it very simple to purchase that first home. First Timers can elect to pay nothing down with our 100% purchase mortgages or choose our low rate and payment FHA mortgages.

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A HELOC is a great financial tool for any homeowner! It permits customers to use their credit resources for home improvements, debt consolidation or making large purchases, such as vacations or school tuition, at a low-interest rate. Check with your tax advisor for information on favorable tax consequences.

A First Volunteer Bank HELOC is a revolving line of credit secured by the equity in a customer’s home. The funds in a home equity line may be accessed as needed and utilized again and again. A HELOC is flexible, the funds are easy to access, there is no fee to pay-off early, and qualified customers can make interest only payments.

See your First Volunteer Banker for details.

Whatever the type of home purchased, we have the knowledge and local support staff to serve you. We have mortgage options for investment property, too!

If you are interested in any of our Home Loans, either visit one of our convenient  locations, or fill out our online form.

All Loans and Lines of Credit are subject to credit approval.

Need more loan information, or believe there is an error with your loan?

If you have a request for information or believe there is an error with your loan, please write to us at:

First Volunteer Bank
Attn: Error and Request Processing
P.O. Box 11167
Chattanooga, TN37401

Please include the following information in your letter:

  • Your Name
  • Home Address
  • Loan Account Number
  • Specific details of the request or error.

We will acknowledge your letter within five business days of receipt.

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